Michał Kołodziejski: “A great opportunity to develop in an international environment”

Michał Kołodziejski: “A great opportunity to develop in an international environment”

05 Janeiro 2019

Michał Kołodziejski: “A great opportunity to develop in an international environment”

A strong technical background is important, but it’s personality that will give your career an extra impetus, insists Michał Kołodziejski, who currently works in Europe as an ITDS associate manager. “Living and working abroad gives me a wider perspective of the business environment in the financial sector.”

Michał Kołodziejski plays an important role in the Polish ITDS team. His job experience epitomises what the perfect career might look like. He joined ITDS as a junior consultant and was then promoted to a business consultant role. Having gained experience with ITDS on several projects, he has a contextual understanding of the loan and leasing business, as well as software integration. Michał’s development within ITDS has enabled him to acquire more managerial responsibilities, as well as leverage his skills in this area.

Big challenge

Michał is a graduate of Warsaw School of Economics, having obtained a degree in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems. To exploit his abilities and passions, he decided to pursue a career in IT systems and economics. As an associate manager in ITDS, he is responsible for team management and work organisation, in addition to participating in various implementation projects in the role of consultant. “Working for ITDS is a big challenge, but I really love it. I am responsible for Cassiopae implementation at ITDS’ clients. Cassiopae is web-native, front-to-back loan and leasing software that can support processes for the origination and administration of an organisation’s assets. My job is a great opportunity to develop in an international environment, familiarise myself with versatile business solutions and propose better ones!”

Opportunity to innovate

Before switching to ITDS, Michał worked as an IT consultant for a different employer in Poland. His decision to switch, in 2017, was not a difficult one for him because the Warsaw division of ITDS was highly recommended by his good friend Bartosz Leszczyński. At first he was responsible for business analyses, before being sent to work for one of ITDS’ clients in Germany. The project he is currently involved in concentrates on the high-tech industry. “It is a great opportunity to be extremely innovative and learn a lot on daily basis.” Working for ITDS has helped him to focus on what he really wants to do in his business career. “It doesn’t really matter where you work, a challenging project is worth travelling to, anywhere in the world.”

Fun and games

Michał is the kind of person, who knows exactly what to focus on to achieve his goals. He also supports other ITDS consultants. As an authority on Cassiopae, for example, he acts as a mental and technical coach for all team members, working closely with ITDS consultants and always there to give them a helping hand. But he makes sure he also has a lot of fun while coaching and solving challenging problems. “Working as an ITDS associate manager is more than merely supervising the provision of IT solutions; it’s also a remarkable and very rewarding job. What’s more, in addition to giving you a lot of job satisfaction it’s also a lot of fun. Because the team spirit is so important I also organise a FIFA gaming tournament every month in ITDS’ office in Warsaw.”

Road to the top

Outside work, Michal’s hobby is matching his passion for business analysis with his work. He dreams of a project that will be focused on Big Data, Data Science and marketing. He is convinced that his experience in business-process consulting and knowledge of the best market practices will eventually lead him to the top.

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