Our motto is #makeITbetter – we strive to make the industry better by bridging the gap between the professional aspirations of IT specialists and the needs of clients seeking specialized engineering support for their projects. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, as evidenced by the prestigious FT 1000 award we have received for the last three consecutive years.

How it all started

ITDS was founded in the Netherlands in 1998 by Esther Lens. In Poland, it has been present since 2016 when Charles-Alexandre Gamba and Katarzyna Stachowiak, recognizing the potential of the IT industry in this region, decided to open a second branch of the company in the heart of Warsaw. Today, the ITDS Poland team comprises more than 350 people, and since 2018, the company also has offices in Portugal!

Benefits for companies

As part of the services we offer, we take a comprehensive approach to the entire process of hiring IT Engineers. We provide access to qualified experts and support in managing professional projects, product development, and system integration. We have experience in hiring IT specialists in the market, such as Project Managers, Business Analysts, Manual Testers, QA Test Leads, IT architects, and cutting-edge technology programmers like DevOps engineers, cloud engineers, cybersecurity experts, Java Developers, Python Developers, Scrum Masters, Android, and iOS Developers.

We also recruit foreign specialists and programmers who are considering relocating to Poland or Portugal. We are ready to support any company.

Computador portátil e telemóvel de cor cinzenta pousados em cima de uma mesa de madeira preta. Um consultor da ITDS aponta para o computador, exibindo as soluções da empresa para outsourcing.

Benefits for IT consultants

For ambitious IT specialists looking to develop their skills through projects with renowned international brands, we offer flexible employment conditions (including on-site, hybrid, and remote models), the opportunity to work with various tools and technologies, and an individualized and personalized career path.

Um consultor de TI está sentado numa sala com um computador portátil cinzento ao seu colo O especialista veste uma camisola preta de manga curta, tem cabelo curto e usa óculos. Ao seu lado está outro engenheiro de TI, também sentado e a trabalhar no seu computador portátil.
Some of our clients


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IT specialists


Charles Gamba

Founder and CEO ITDS Poland

Katarzyna Stachowiak,

Katarzyna Stachowiak

Founder and COO ITDS Poland

Riadh Chaabouni

CEO ITDS Portugal

Paulo Bras ITDS Portugal Business Manager

Paulo Brás

Business Manager

Estefânia Rodrigues, Talent Ac

Estefânia Rodrigues

Talent Acquisition Lead

Inês Sameiro

Inês Sameiro

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Carolina Rebelo

Carolina Rebelo

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Cátia Monteiro

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Henrique Moreno

Henrique Moreno

Sales Associate

Carla Fernandes,

Carla Fernandes

Senior Finance Manager