Case study: How did we manage to build project teams for a global pharmaceutical leader in 4 just weeks?

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Case study: How did we manage to build project teams for a global pharmaceutical leader in 4 just weeks?

logo-kwadrat Author: ITD

A few months ago we initiated cooperation with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, delivering them the required project teams in just 4 weeks!

What were the project objectives?

The project required us to provide two teams, each consisting of 5 IT Engineers (Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, Mobile Developers and QA Engineers), as well as a Scrum Master. They became a part of a team responsible for creating a mobile application and an educational web platform from scratch. The platform was dedicated to smallholder farmers worldwide and its aim was to support them in getting connected to the food value chain, e.g. as providers for stores such as Lidl, Carrefour, Auchan, Spar, etc.

It is safe to say that this was our contribution to the creation of a sustainable food value chain around the world.

Thanks to the platform, and the support of qualified trainers, farmers have had access to presentations and practical tasks, were able to participate in discussions and acquire certified skills on Food Safety, Crop Protection Products, Integrated Pest Management and other important issues. All of these activities aimed to help them in obtaining the right documentation allowing for product sale on a bigger scale – local, or even global.

How did we meet our Client’s expectations and what were the biggest challenges?

The Client’s requirement was to be delivered teams that would create a mobile application and a web platform from scratch (a greenfield project) for smallholder farmers worldwide. The pilot project was launched in India.

The project has presented numerous challenges from the very beginning. Niche technologies that the team members had to specialize in and the need to recruit them from the market were just some of them. Additionally, the candidates were expected to work from an office, while nowadays most IT specialists want to work remotely.

The final challenge was the short deadline for launching the project.

What gave us an advantage over other companies specializing in outsourcing IT Engineers?

Our team’s close collaboration with the Client allowed us to select the right solutions, tailored to their needs and the specific project’s requirements. Basing on our many years of experience, we recruited team members and assessed their technical competencies very efficiently. Our newly-recruited Engineers started working on the project within just 4 weeks. Our engagement and in-depth understanding of the Client’s expectations resulted in establishing the long-term cooperation that we hope will involve new projects in the future.

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