System Automation and Monoriting Specialist

  • Hybrid
  • English
  • Telcom
  • Regular/Senior
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This is a Hybrid Lisbon-based opportunity.

As a System Automation and monitoring specialist, you will work for our client – the forefront of telecommunications in Portugal, seamlessly intertwining cutting-edge technology and exceptional service to ignite a transformative digital experience. You will be responsible for mastering various automation and monitoring tools, as well as strong proficiency in programming languages.

Your main responsibilities:

  • Implement and manage automation solutions using tools such as Run Book Automation, SiteScope, Operation Bridge Monitoring, Real User Monitoring, DataDog, Dynatrace, NewRelic, Vector, and Metricbeats
  • Demonstrate proficiency in programming languages, including but not limited to SQL, PL/SQL, Java Script, Shell Script, Python, and C#/.NET for script development and maintenance
  • Apply knowledge of NoSQL databases to optimize system performance and efficiency
  • Utilize the Oracle Apex framework for effective web application development
  • Develop and support Standalone and restful APIs using technologies like Django, Flask, Express.js
  • Demonstrate advanced skills in handling and processing data from various technological sources

You’re ideal for the role if you have:

  • Advanced knowledge in SQL, PL/SQL, Java Script, Shell Script, Python, and C#/.NET
  • Familiarity with NoSQL databases
  • Practical experience with the Oracle Apex framework
  • Skills in developing and supporting Standalone and restful APIs, preferably using Django, Flask, Express.js
  • Strong aptitude for handling and processing data from diverse technological sources
  • Strong problem-solving abilities and effective communication skills

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