We proudly introduce 1st ITDS club – Ski&Hiking Club!

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We proudly introduce 1st ITDS club – Ski&Hiking Club!

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Many of you might not be aware that ITDS supports and sponsors its consultants so that they can foster their passions. We want you to integrate by doing things you really love and are passionate about. That’s why we’d like to encourage you to set up and join hobby-clubs!

Meet_u in clubs

The clubs are independent organizations, “run by consultants, for consultants”. Being a part of a club means engaging in the club’s life, organising trips, transport, food etc. Do you want to start a new club? Convince your coworkers, pitch the idea to the management by making a presentation of the club and that’s it! If they like your idea and agree to the activity, you’ll probably be allocated a budget to accomplish your club’s goals. One person can join more than one club. There’s no limit.

Join ski&hik

Today we would like to introduce you the Ski&Hiking Club, started by our coworkers who are declared mountain-lovers. It currently has 10 members, but they have already organised an amazing trip to Austria. During this three-day trip in Saalbach Hinterglemm, three of them were skiing, another thee – snowboarding, and the rest of the group was learning how to ski (such a nice change from sitting at your desk all day)! They kept in mind the club’s main objective, of course. In the evenings they spent their time partying, integrating or… photo shooting. You can find a short video below.


The best way to answer this question is with anonymous opinions, here they are:

“All was good, nice organisation and team spirit”

“Overall, the trip was awesome, there are some parts that need to be ironed out a bit. Next time will be even better for sure!”

“Love the idea of the ITDS club to integrate with people, nice place. Just would focus a bit more on what is included in the package to avoid any confusions with bills, fees etc. Apart from that, perfect!”

Next steps

The Ski&Hiking Club doesn’t intend to slow down. They are planning a long-distance trekking adventure in Portugal, on the famous Fisherman’s Trail (226 kilometers on foot, along the ocean coastline). This year they’re planning to visit some places in Poland, like Zakopane, Karpacz and Kampinoski National Park. In the near future members are planning a non-formal meeting… at the office, having pizza and discussing their new ideas for the Club. During lockdown they were meeting online, making sure the Club stayed operational. It was worth it, as we can see in the photos taken in Austria.

Why is it worth it?

First, the clubs associate people sharing the same passions. Together you can develop your skills and learn from each other. With financial support from ITDS, all members can achieve their dream goals and, of course, set new ones. For the company, the most important thing is that our workers can integrate, make new friendships and experience work-life balance.